Friday, June 6, 2008

flowers and vines

One night I decided to paint flowers and vines on the walls . This wall has nine ornate [empty] frames . I sculpted the flowers onto that round one.
and then I painted them all white and cream and antiqued them .
The flowers and vines travel over this wall , through the frames and spill onto the big old bureau


Dulcette. said...

I LOVE it... that wall looks enchanting.


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I love the vines, they remind me of the wallpaper Chris Van Allsburg draws in some of his childrens books. Very old fashioned. Beautiful Sandy!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks to both of you

wow....which books Tracy ?
I'd like to see that

Lisa Sornberger said...

oh this is so beautiful, i wish i could hire you to paint my walls! do you ever do house calls, if you know the person?
would you consider making a trip to northeast CT,
for some commissioned work?
lisa s.