Monday, May 5, 2008

Jerry loves it .
Baby doesn't .


Abby Creek Art said...

Wow, I've just been catching up on your blog, Sandy...beautiful work!

Gotta say though...that box of baby dolls scares the heck outta me! Ahhhh!

Theresa said...

Yeah, The dolls are a bit creepy but I think it's only because their naked. I was never a doll kinda girl... I was to busy being a tomboy... playing in the dirt. LOLOLOLOL

Big Bear Hugs,


Mandy said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog...I know, I love my crazy sister too! ;) That box of dolls is "keepy" as my sis and I would say. Her little one couldn't say "creepy" so "keepy" stuck. We found ourselves saying that a lot on our trip to the junk shops. It is amazing what you can find, isn't it? That baby (especially) looks too lifelike for my taste. My mother in law has a similar doll who makes a crying noise so one day I put it inside her sewing cabinet holding a pair of scissors in its hands. The next time she opened it up, she had a heart attack. Anyway! Thanks for your comments. Take care.

acaligurl said...

you crack me up sandy. the baby face on the right looks real. its freakin' me out. (*wink wink)