Sunday, April 13, 2008

working too hard

I've been in my studio since 10 a.m. , it's 12:30a.m. now
just me and Jerry , drawing pictures all day long.
To all you ladies who have kids that interrupt your painting day .... be grateful or you could end up like me . Not knowing how to stop [painting] and then taking pictures with a dummy at midnight .
But THIS was better than watching TV


Theresa said...

Some times I'm the same way... I'll work on stuff until I drop. It's almost like I don't have an off button. If I have a off button it should be bigger so I can find the darn thing. :)



Headwrapper said...

So, you were up past your bedtime again painting cards, or should I say doing card-tricks, eh? Why can't you be a good girl and watch TV ?;)

anniebeez said...

OMG!!I wish I wish I wish! The dream life! Hey I finally got 1 of the 4 out of the house and she bugs me now more than ever! The fun never ends!Ha!

Sandy Mastroni said...

OH Reuben THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Anyone who reads this .... look at headwrapper's comment and click on
'watch TV '

this is SO SO great !!!!!!!

Thank you REUBEN

Take a break from painting and watch this !

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

You are too funny! Jerry is still the creepiest thing I've ever seen:)
Is that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt you're wearing?


Sandy Mastroni said...

I think it IS a Buffy tee shirt .
I dug it out of the closet . My 'Curly' tee shirt was dirty .
and thank you all for NOT saying that I look creepier than Jerry.

oldflowers4me said...

oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh-hello -you divine girl-you- i just had to come and see who you are-your like 1 of my ya ya sisters- ( dear friendim just sending this hello before i take my young boys to school- i shall be back late with an other note- singing and skipping jo )

Headwrapper said...

Sandy, You're totally welcome. I really like your drawings and paintings. The ketchup bottle looks like it could grow into a children's book. As do many of the others.

I wish I could learn to turn my head around in a 360 degrees circle like Jerry does. Then I'd get into a freak show and hire you to do the poster.

Gail McCormack said...

Love your Jerry, we also have a Gerry Gee. Sandy I love your work, I'm going to take some time later on to catch up on all your older posts!!!
Nice to meet you

Dixie Redmond said...

Sandy - the book is I got the alcohol technique if called The Acrylic Painter's Book of Styles &'s a link to Amazon.

Jenn said...

soooo funny!! Creepy Jerry and FABULOUS Sandy:):):)

Happy weekend to you!! xoxo...jenn