Saturday, April 19, 2008

1. In the background is my painting of 'Big-Baby-Bella' in a cupcake dress
[ buttons on frame ]
2. Wood block . I painted bears on it.
3. Carnival chalk ware dog
4. a glass jar . I painted ladies on it.
5.Doll head [ no body ]
6. and......... JERRY
should I keep sharing 'stuff' ' in my house with you ???????


Marla said...

Yes - because it's fun to see that we like similar things. For example, the doll's head? Is very much like my Grandmother's doll:

anniebeez said...

Yes Yes! We love to see everything! LOVE that big baby bella painting with the awesome button frame-too cool!

Theresa said...

Yes, I agree let's see what else you've got. :) I really like your painting with the button frame and the teddy bear block too. I also like your chalk ware doggy... very sweet.

Big Bear Hugs,


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

Yes! Show us your stuff!!! Chirp....chirp.

Jenn said...

yes, yes Sandy!! LOVE it all!!