Sunday, March 16, 2008

Carnival Art painting

I am feeling just a little better . Still tired though.
and feeling dark . so I am back into carnival freaks.
maybe because my head feels like this girl's head.
and maybe because my cousin Karen gave me a new book on freaks. Did you ever see the movie "Freaks" ?
It's a classic . I also watched "Carnival of Souls ' for the thousandth time this week . Click to enlarge . I might have to go back in to this .... fix up some things ... but I'm TOO TIRED . What's wrong with me ? Is this a type of March flu ? Or is it because sales are slow now ? or is it because my house is a mess and I'm fat .


Theresa said...

I have seen the classic black and white movie "Freaks". I found it very interesting... but then again I LOVE old black and white movies. You really do sound like your in a slump my friend... my guess is it's the weather and slow sales. Things will get better... honest the economy is just a little funky at this point.

Big Bear Hugs,


anniebeez said...

I love this in an odd disturbing way! Love the little old lady in the front. I swear I had about 157 Aunts that looked just like her-big ole farm ladies-you know? And you are not FAT! You are beautiful!
The best thing about slumps is coming out of them-it will happen and you will feel great!

The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I too have the blahs! I think it's the end of winter blues....but spring is near, cheer up! I love the new painting, it made me smile:) Thanks Sandy.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I love all your comments ! thanks.
I finally decided I have a cold on top of the blahs.
Annie- As I stood looking at my canvas wondering what to paint... I saw a photo of this lady on the newspaper I keep on my table to protect it . A sweet old lady on the obituary page.
a disturbing odd tribute to
I sort of like being moody but I don't like when I beat myself up for it .
glad I have you three faithful friends.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Josephine .... I hope she doesn't mind

girlhen said...

Sandy - i love your freak paintings. keep going! freaks like us need you. that bird on head reminds me of something my son told me once: " there's a bunny on your head, and he's EATING your HAIR!!"

xoxoxoxoxo your kissing cousin

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hey girlhen Karen .... your son's comment SCREAMS to be painted !
and thank you again for the freaks book ... it has inspired me to go through all the old drawings I have
and finish them !and create new ones !
to any readers;
Karen bought the book for me at the P.T. Barnum museum in Bridgeport Ct....AND she made me a freaky little bird, which I will try to photograph and post soon

anniebeez said...

I'm giving you the "You Make My Day" award. You inspire me! To collect your award, go to my blog at:

Sandy Mastroni said...

i'm just checking for my avatar

Gerushia's New World said...


Have you ever read "Geek Love"?

Gerushia's New World